United States Agency for Global Media

Fallen Journalist Portrait Project

Nineteen USAGM journalists have lost their lives in the line of duty.

We have long honored these brave men and women by profiling them on our website, marking the anniversaries of their death on our social media accounts, and of course, on the fallen journalist memorial in USAGM headquarters in Washington, D.C. But we wanted to do more.

The Fallen Journalist Portrait Project capitalizes on the artistic talents of Digital Art Director Steve Fuchs, who is producing a portrait for each of the journalists who were killed simply for doing their job.

“I’ve chosen to be as eclectic as possible with the illustrations and approach them with a lot of different media, because each of these people, while they were all journalists, were very distinct and individual people,” said Fuchs. “I’m trying to make them as distinct as I can while staying true to their story.”

Videos of the creation of each portrait will be released on the anniversary of each journalist’s death.

Ricardo de Mello

Charcoal, colored pencil, marker, and acrylic

Abdul-Hussein Khazal

Crayola markers, pointillism technique

Bashar Fahmi

Acrylic, surrealism

Georgi Markov

Computer generated, vibrant colors and hard-edged shapes reminiscent of 1960s Pop Art

Leonid Karas

Digitally designed faux quilt

Alisher Saipov

Stencil graffiti

Iskandar Khatloni

Word cloud, photoshop, and hand drawing

Ogulsapar Muradova

Grid-based painting and digital art

Mohammed Bdaiwi Owaid Al-Shammari

Egg tempera and gesso on a wood panel